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How to Background Check During a Hiring Surge

By: Vanessa Mitchell Tuesday, 26 January 2021



Hiring surges and rapid expansion can be a daunting process...but it doesn't have to be. During periods of rapid growth, comprehensive background screening of your applicants is especially important and should contribute to and enhance your large-scale hiring. Here are some strategies to help you plan your background screening for this unique and complex event!



Start Planning Now

This will significantly improve understanding of what products you are getting with each service, why you’re running different packages and when, as well as to establish a consistent and compliant approach. You will also have 100% confidence you’ve partnered with someone you can rely on and trust… and who is an expert at mass hiring.



How To Pick Your Products and Services

There are two ways to approach selecting your products: the resume and the person. 


Per the resume: If it’s achieved (education, certification and professional licenses), described (employment history), listed (professional reference) or in any way relates to the position and would play a role in whether or not you make a decision to hire, include it with your verification services


Per the person: If it’s related or required (MVR and drug tests), could impact safety (criminal history and sex offender registry) or could impact your financial stability (civil history and credit report), include it with your request.


In addition to these, Choice Screening Form I-9 ComplyTM can greatly help you mitigate audit risk and remain efficient while you process all these new hires.



How to Be Strategic with Your Approach and Budget 

Your organization’s needs are unique so be sure to consult with your Account Executive first. Then, consider utilizing this 3 Phase Approach:


Phase 1: Select searches that could quickly disqualify applicants that are essentially yes/no answers (professional license verification, degree verification, MVR for drivers). 


Phase 2: Screen your final applicants by running searches that give you more information about your applicant as a person (criminal history when in accordance with legislation, credit report if permissible, and employment verifications). 


Phase 3: Wrap up with any applicable products to affirm your decision (drug screen, or credit report).



How to Stay Compliant

Once you have your products and strategy figured out, assemble, the required documents, such as: online consent form and adverse action letters. We offer a complimentary FCRA compliant consent form that initiates the search upon completion of the form. Take the work out of the adverse action process and initiate the letters all from within the Choice Screening app.


Always consult with a qualified employment attorney to determine if you are compliant to all applicable laws in each location of your organization.



How to Be Confident

Partner with an industry-leading company like Choice Screening who excels at service and accuracy and has advanced technology to make hiring easier.



How to Leave No Stone Unturned. 

Don’t overlook the applicants such as executives and directors, interns, or even volunteers.



How to Plan Ahead 

This is the time to implement ReScreen policies for ongoing employment: Regular or random drug screening, promotion and transfer background screen, current employee re-screening and regular Motor Vehicle Report checks. If you start operations with a current employee screening policy in place, your expectations will be established, and you will avoid the strain felt by implementing after the fact.



How to Stay Organized

Set up all users with their own user profile and discuss options with your Account Executive regarding unique features that protect your bottom line. Keep us on notice lists for contact information changes and involve all users in scheduled training. Not to mention those running the background checks will likely have to be checked themselves so let’s talk about how best to manage that as well!



Background screening should fit right into your mass hiring plan, supporting your efforts to hire a well-vetted, strong and dedicated workforce. Know you have found a comprehensive, compliant, easy-to-use background check process, all supported by a reputable and dedicated background screening partner.


We want you to have the best experience when setting up your background screening service!

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