Form I-9 Comply™

Choice Screening Form I-9 Comply™ helps you verify employment eligibility with confidence and efficiency through this online application.

Choice Screening wants you to avoid the #1 reason for fines during an audit: Form I-9 errors and omissions. Since inception of I-9 ComplyTM not a single fine has been issued due to Form errors by our users. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Secure online Form I-9 management with E-Verify integration
  • Virtually eliminates the #1 reason for fines during an audit – Form I-9 errors and omissions
  • Fully compliant and easy to use

Penalties for Form I-9 violations can quickly hit tens of thousands or more. How confident are you that your Forms are compliant?

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The deceivingly simple Form I-9 contains dozens of pitfalls, all of which are familiar to an auditor.

With everything else needed to on-board a new employee, errors, deadlines, compliance and other finable offenses are often overlooked on the Form, leaving organizations vulnerable during an ICE audit.

After an offer of employment has been made and accepted, employers are responsible to complete Form I-9 with their new hire. An increasing number of employers are opting to use E-Verify as a supplement to Form I-9, either as required by law or voluntarily. That's why Form I-9 ComplyTM is fully integrated with E-Verify and meets all compliance standards - from security to audit trails! 

Even if you're not using E-Verify, you could be subject to ICE Audits - which are openly increasing year over year. Form I-9 ComplyTM lets you conveniently manage Forms for current and former employees and export forms with just a few clicks, making compliance and audit preparedness easy and efficient!

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  • icon-secure-cloud-storageSecure cloud storage

  • icon-Completely-paperlessCompletely paperless

  • icon-e-verify-integrationE-Verify Integration

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