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Individual background screening so you know what your background check will reveal

Most applicants go into a background screen wondering what an employer might find. Wouldn’t you like to know?

Choice ScreenME offers secure, accurate and reliable background screening for you to search your own personal background.

  • Know what employers will see when they run your background search
  • Correct any errors, outdated or inaccurate information before someone else sees it
  • Access the same powerful and comprehensive background screening resources and research teams used by employers
  • Understand the results. Contact a Customer Service Representative who will help you know what your report means
  • Apply for jobs with confidence

The vast majority of employers now use background screening as part of their hiring, promotion and transfer policy. And, it’s growing every year. With increased search tool sophistication and cost effective access to information sources, it’s no wonder background screening has become more the norm than the exception.

Choice ScreenME helps job seekers obtain the information they need to apply for jobs with confidence and certainty.


Here's the meat and potatoes of Choice ScreenME


See what your prospective employer will receive when running the same service

Safe & Secure

Your personal information is maintained using the highest level of security standards

Fast & Efficient

Sophisticated search tools and trained research specialists deliver accurate results fast, usually in 24-72 hours