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Background screening for the Insurance & Underwriting segment must align with the most fundamental requirements: Acceleration, Compliance, & Customization

Choice Screening develops advanced technology and software to help life insurance carriers and underwriters strengthen their screening practices. Choice Screening’s team of experts developed an innovative API allowing clients to integrate directly into the Choice Screening system. The robust reporting capabilities gives you accelerated access to a clear depiction of your applicant all while remaining compliant.

Understanding the needs of underwriting is critical in building the right background screening package. Click on each of these services to learn more:


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Feel confident accelerating your unwriting process by screening for adverse information with automated background checks.

Choice Screening’s commitment to excellence is demonstrated by exceptional technology and data security, extensive background check products, FCRA compliance, and continued institutional improvement.


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Criminal History in Underwriting: Closing Gaps to Improve Screening

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Choice Screening's quick turnaround time, customizable process, and FCRA compliance will help you make accelerated decisions.