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Prior to running a background screen on any individual, an employer, prospective employer or property manager must obtain written consent from the applicant.

Consent form compliance has been a lucrative focus for plaintiff’s attorneys, settling claims in the thousands through millions sometimes for violations as simple as one non-compliant line of text.


Key Takeaways:

  • Reduce compliance vulnerabilities
  • Choice Screening Compliance Manager support
  • Complimentary service offered to all Choice Screening clients

The FCRA requires a signed consent form before beginning a background check. But, just one non-compliant line can cost you hundreds of thousands. How confident are you?

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In order to effectively remain compliant, employers and landlords must keep up with federal and state legislation as well as litigation trends. 

Even with dozens of headlines, major corporations seem to remain just as vulnerable to violation as smaller companies who may lack equivalent legal support and guidance.

Choice Screening offers a complimentary online consent form that is overseen by our in house Compliance Manager. Our form provides all the necessary disclosures for general employment and tenant screening.

We strongly recommend reviewing the form prior to use to ensure complete compliance with your local and state legislation and your specific needs. Please also seek guidance from a licensed and experienced employment attorney to ensure your internal background screening policy and consent form is fully compliant.

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