County Criminal Record Search

The County Criminal Record Search provides misdemeanor and felony offenses, available in over 3,100 counties across the US.

County criminal record searches are the most reliable and thorough resource for obtaining an applicant’s criminal past. Results will typically include file, offense and disposition dates, case number, charges, severity of each charge, disposition and sentencing details, including probation violations when available.

Key Takeaways:

  • Most reliable and accurate criminal record search available
  • Cornerstone of a comprehensive criminal background check
  • Complete and most up to date information available

Most employers say a violent felony would influence their decision for employment. Are you confident you know your applicant?

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County searches are used in the majority of hiring decisions to mitigate risk of negligent hiring decisions as well as protect company personnel, property and assets.

As a result, nearly every business using an employment background check as part of their hiring process will include a county criminal search.

This service has become an increasingly common practice among non-profit agencies and other groups that solicit the support of volunteers, such as youth sports leagues. Property managers and landlords frequently leverage the information contained in these comprehensive criminal record searches to protect the safety of their other tenants and their property.

In order to properly identify and verify county criminal records, our trained research personnel audit every search in strict accordance with FCRA regulation prior to inclusion in the final report. Through this, you know you have the most accurate, comprehensive and reliable information available.

  • Verified-prior-to-reportingVerified prior to reporting

  • icon-flexible-search-and-reporting-scopeFlexible search & reporting scope

  • icon-charges-and-SeverityCharges & severity

  • icon-case-statusCase status

  • icon-dispositionDisposition

  • icon-sentence-details-when-convictedSentencing details (when convicted)

  • icon-identifiersIdentifiers


Did you know the average negligent hiring lawsuit costs roughly $1 million? Know who you're hiring with a professional background check!

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