Statewide Criminal Record Search

In order to search a broader scope of criminal records, statewide searches provide insight into an applicant's criminal past beyond the counties in which they reside.

The statewide criminal record search is best when used in conjunction with county criminal searches. Where county courts regularly report their records to statewide resources, these jurisdictions are a reliable source to retrieve misdemeanor and felony records.

Key Takeaways:

  • Broad-scope criminal record search
  • Compliments county criminal search
  • Often specified in industry required compliance

Most employers say a violent felony would influence their decision for employment. Are you confident you know your applicant?

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An increasing number of regulated industries, such as healthcare and education, require inclusion of statewide background screening as part of license application and hiring standards.

As a result, many employers and non-profit agencies find value in broad-scope searches, especially when paired with county criminal record search.

In strict accordance with FCRA regulation, each record is verified by our trained research personnel to ensure proper identification and that the record is complete and up to date before inclusion in the final report. Results will typically include file, offense and disposition dates, case number, charges, severity of each charge and disposition and sentencing details, including probation violations when available.

Reporting practices can vary by state, meaning that the court may or may not report into the statewide database with regularity. Simply put, some statewide searches are more reliable than others. Our Account executives are well versed in the court’s reporting practices at the statewide level and help businesses navigate the various searches to find the most comprehensive criminal record service options to meet their particular needs.

  • icon-Verified-prior-to-reportingVerified prior to reporting

  • icon-Charges-and-SeverityCharges & severity

  • icon-case-statusCase status

  • icon-dispositionDisposition

  • icon-Sentencing-DetailsSentencing details (if applicable)

  • icon-IdentifiersIdentifiers


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