County Civil Record Search

County Civil Record searches provide insight into disputes between parties or businesses, potentially aiding in identification of high-risk applicants.

Non-criminal lawsuits filed by or against an individual can bring to light a variety of factors, such as breach of contract, personal injury claims, domestic disputes, property claims, tax liens and bankruptcies. Cases may be related to or filed in conjunction with criminal charges when someone other than law enforcement or the government claims wrongdoing.

Key Takeaways:

  • Identifies high-risk candidates
  • Reveals claims external to the criminal justice system
  • Can influence employment decisions

Would a civil dispute influence your hiring decision? What if the case was filed by a previous employer and related to alleged embezzlement of $3.1 million?

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A variety of employers benefit from a civil record search, especially when the existence of civil records could impact job performance.

A search for civil disputes is particularly useful for financial institutions as well as executive screening and when investigating those with access to company assets.

Unlike credit reports, evidence of disproportionate income to expense indicated on a civil record can be more liberally used to influence employment decisions.

Following FCRA regulation, our researchers work diligently to identify and verify all records matching your applicant before reporting the case. Records may include filing and receiving parties, relevant dates, judgment and settlement details or listed remedies as available in the case file. In the instance of a settlement, specific details may be under seal.

  • icon-researcher-verifiedResearcher verified

  • icon-Flexible-search-and-reporting-scopeFlexible search & reporting scope

  • icon-case-statusCase status

  • icon-Judgment-DecisionJudgment decision

  • icon-Damages-or-SettlementDamages or settlement (when applicable and available)

  • icon-relevant-datesRelevant dates


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