US Federal Civil Record Search

The US Federal Civil provides access to all 94 federal courts to help identify candidates involved in federal civil disputes.

Not all civil disputes can be uncovered through a county record search. When damages are of sufficient value or parties cross state lines and international borders, the case can only be found through a Federal Civil Record Search. Federal searches could also uncover a variety of disputes that directly impact the ability of a business to remain competitive. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Protect your corporate reputation and assets
  • Identify high-risk candidates
  • Fully vet executive and board members

Would a civil dispute influence your hiring decision? What if the case was filed by a previous employer and related to alleged embezzlement of $3.1 million?

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Federal Civil Record Searches have become increasingly valuable to many employers.

This search helps identify high-risk applicants, especially when the existence of a civil record could impact job performance.

When a dispute involves parties who are citizens of different states or countries, or when potential damages exceeds $75,000, the civil case is heard in the federal court instead of county court. Cases involving bankruptcy, patent, antitrust as well as cases where the United States is a party are also only heard in federal court. We search nationwide to uncover the most records possible on your candidate!

Financial institutions as well as board and executive level positions typically include Federal Civil Records in their background screening process. Additionally, unlike credit reports, evidence of disproportionate income to expense indicated on a civil record can be used more liberally to influence employment decisions.

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