The staffing industry plays a unique role...

You help maintain a robust and active workforce - acting as a connection point between employers and prospective employees.

Staffing agencies build their reputations on placing the right applicant, in the right position, at the right company. This is achieved without having worked or even stepped foot inside the organization itself. Decisions are made by matching apples to apples, but there is also intuition, instinct and experience; those intangible skills that are enhanced by effective background screening.

At Choice Screening, we specialize in Staffing Agencies, Healthcare Staffing and PEO. We provide the services you need at a competitive price. We work to ensure you have the tools you need to serve your clients best, from industry-leading products to customizable packages.


How do you get your edge?

Staffing is highly competitive. We get how background checks can give you an edge! But, what good is all this if you don't have a team like Choice Screening, dedicated to you and available whenever you have a question you can't answer?

  • icon-pillar-integrity Know what services are being run and why

  • icon-pillar-serviceUnderstand what the results mean

  • icon-pillar-strategicEffectively communicate everything to your client

  • icon-pillar-partnershipWork with a great background screener like Choice

That's the Choice Difference!


Let us help you keep your clients happy!

Many employers who leverage the staffing industry find an agency they can rely and stick with them. Don’t risk a compromising situation because your client found a criminal record you didn’t. Build your reputation by making informed recommendations based on comprehensive and compliant background screen results specifically built for your client’s unique demands. You will set the right foundation for a strong relationship with your clients.

Your clients rely on you to run background screens on their prospective candidates that match their requirements, selecting services through a reputable background screening company.

Here's some of our most popular Staffing and Healthcare Staffing services:

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SSN Verification & Address History

Criminal Records

Civil Records

Professional/Resume Verifications

Drug & Alcohol Testing

Medical Registries & Sanctions

Adverse Action

Form I-9 ComplyTM & E-Verify

Choice ReScreen

Don't just take our word for it...

"At Goodwill Staffing, we're helping people get back to work."

Steve Tooke
Director of Placement Services, Discover Goodwill



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