Resume & Professional Verifications

The easiest and most common way for an applicant to deceive a prospective, and sometimes current, employer is through the information contained on their resume.

A quick search will bring up numerous CEO’s, University Deans, CFO’s and other highly publicized incidents or resume fraud. When hiring entry level through executives, resume omissions and exaggerations could result in unqualified hires, posing a great deal of risk to an employer. Omitting this important step in the hiring process could result in loss of productivity, safety issues from inadequate experience and the need to fire and rehire for the position… again.

Selecting the right professional verifications can help employers confirm credentials of an applicant before the first day of work. As part of the ongoing employment process, Choice ReScreen lets employers verify achievements acquired following the pre-employment background check as well as for promotions and transfers.


Employers find that over a third of applicants… generously embellish… their resume. Does your HR want to talk about it after the applicant’s hired or before?

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