Our story begins in Denver, CO, back in 2005


Future founder of Choice Screening, Matthew Mitchell, was looking for something…

...a business that was his; one that he could be passionate about. He wanted to find a way to make “work” something people enjoyed doing. “Where to start?” he asked.

Lately, he’d had conversation after conversation that was more like a Bill Murray movie than reality. People kept complaining about hiring the wrong person – under qualified, didn’t meet expectations, not a good fit. The list went on. It was completely unrelated to sports sales and marketing (where Matt was working) so it was kind of strange.

Suddenly! He had a thought… 

quotemark.svg  Working in sports is great… I love sports! But, what about background checks? It could help people solve their hiring problem and… dare I say… that sounds like FUN!!!

Well, the thought was a bit more extensive and investigatory, but that’s the gist of it! Either way, Matt knew his next lot in life was in the fascinating world of background screening!


Our story continues a short time later with a teeny tiny staff of three. Matt got to work creating Choice Screening from the ground up, starting with our mission: 

To enhance organizations through strategic application of the right background screening services. We will accomplish this by offering a variety of industry-leading products supported by innovative technology and high quality customer service and education. This enables our business and non-profit clients to strengthen and simplify their employee and volunteer management practices, as well as property managers to find and retain quality tenants.

Over a decade later... We still embody our mission and we've added our core pillars. Matt's (much larger) team is still dedicated to background screening and the clients Choice serves. And, every single employee still knows he'll do anything to make "work" feel more like home!


Our Core Pillars are at the heart of everything we do

From our commitment to our clients to our commitment to each other, we find these values within ourselves before even stepping foot at Choice.

Choice Screening in a Nutshell

It’s our livelihood so our services are about us, too! But, this is more than the typical service…

  • Background Screening

    Our services are constantly scrutinized… by us! We’re always on the lookout to ensure what we offer is the best the industry has to offer. And, our researchers receive constant training, too.
  • Dedicated Account Executives

    Our sales team really gets to know you before you sign. They’d miss you too much if they didn’t get to talk to you afterward so they're always your primary contact. We’re all about happy and keeping you makes them happy!
  • Customer Service, Support & Education

    Seriously, background screening is really fun! We're committed to creating a great experience. So we write, we read, we email, we call, chat and email some more because we love what we do and we want you to love it too!
  • Techies Love Background Screening

    Where would we be today without technology? In house techies build our technology, support it and are super friendly. They’re some of the most entertaining of our bunch!


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