Your Industry. Our Expertise.

Whether you’re a small business, or hired a thousand employees last month. Even if you serve a niche with lots of specialized requirements, or you need something basic and straightforward, we’ve got you covered.

Background Screening You Can TRUST

Every industry, every company is different. Choice Screening has over a decade of experience supporting employers from nearly every industry of nearly every size with a surprisingly broad spectrum of needs and requirements.

We understand regulatory compliance and organizational demand. We can assess your current program, help you plan for expansion or get you started with your first background screen.

To give you an idea of what we can do, here are several of the most common industries we serve. If you don’t see yours, don’t worry! We’ve probably seen a few of you come our way and are happy to see how we can meet your needs!


How can your background screening be improved? Learn more about the Choice Difference!

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