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Educational institutions work hard to maintain their safety on campus as well as the credibility of their faculty and staff. Background screening plays an important role in the success of these efforts.


For any reason you background check...

  • Required screening of faculty, staff and volunteers
  • Self-imposed, voluntary background screening measures
  • Requirements due to access and interaction with vulnerable populations and young children
  • Student screening for on-campus housing

We have your solution!

Although the services, compliance standards and general practice of background screening paid employees, volunteers and students is essentially the same, the approach to background screening and how to make the program effective can vary greatly.

Choice Screening has the expertise and services to support various background screening needs of an educational institution. We offer services such as Choice ReScreen to easily screen employees and volunteers in accordance with ongoing employment requirements. And, online tools such as our consent form and adverse action forms make compliance easy and efficient.


Information helps you build a robust team and keep your campus safe. Ready to ring the school bell on background screening?

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