On Campus Housing & Student Screening


Over 60% of Americans attend college sometime in their life, the majority of which are young adults leaving their homes for the first time.

This opens students to unprecedented vulnerability, often unrealized by their young, the sky’s the limit, perspective.

Colleges and universities are under increased pressure to background screen their students, especially those living on campus, to identify potential risk factors for violence or behaviors that could put other students and faculty at risk. Achieving a consistent, reliable, comprehensive background check on all students can be a costly endeavor. 

Choice Screening is the solution to:

Manage costs  |  Maintain quality control  |  Ensure consistency & fairness

Customized packages are based on your specifications and can operate seamlessly with your online application process or initiated by you as needed. Your admissions team will receive our excellent customer service and support to help them understand the report and the results. 


Many schools may omit background screening or ask students to provide their own background screen in an effort to control costs. In addition to the obvious risk of omitting background checks, it is also important for the institution to maintain the same controls as are expected for an employment background check. Otherwise, there is a great possibility of incomplete, inconsistent or missed information as well as doctored, fraudulent results.


Protecting students is a challenge improved by effective background screening. Learn more about the Choice Difference.

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