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When it comes to hiring, what do schools need most?

Time and information.

Most schools have experienced a shortage of qualified applicants and have felt the pressure to make a fast decision based on limited information. Hiring for a faculty, staff or administrative position requires increased attention to detail and a methodical, diligent approach, the likes of which many institutions struggle to achieve on their own.

The more information you have, the more consistent and in depth your approach to background screening, and the more time you have to make a decision, can help improve these scenarios so you can make better hiring decisions.

Here’s some common sample packages utilized by our education clients. Packages can be customized to your specific needs.

We offer various services that help you comply with regulatory requirements. This includes various criminal record searches, such as county, federal, statwide, national and sex offender registries.

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SSN Verification & Address History

Criminal Records

Education Verification

Professional License

Professional Reference

Employment Verification

The demand on every employee is not always apparent before the school year begins. When someone who doesn’t typically drive on behalf of the school needs to, for example, drive students to a volunteer event for High School Senior Service Hours, it’s important to have ad-hoc services readily available.

Motor Vehicle Records are commonly run when arranging for driving privileges. Additionally, a well-coordinated Post-Accident Drug & Alcohol Testing can be an essential tool in determining compensation benefits.

Choice ReScreen can help you efficiently adhere to annual background screening requirements with pre-determined, customized packages. By minimizing the time and effort involved in running a background check for ongoing contracts, you can focus on filling the newly opened positions.

Choice Screening understands the importance of fast turnaround time without sacrifice to quality and accuracy.

Our approach to background screening is to fully understand your legal requirements and other standards you have implemented to create a safe environment for students and staff as well as hire and retain qualified personnel.

Only from here, can an Account Executive effectively recommend the right services to meet you specifications – helping you adhere to the law, mitigate the risk of missed information, receive the information you need in the most efficient way possible and not pay for services you don’t actually need.


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