Employment Verification

Past performance is a proven indicator of future success. 

During the interview, prospective applicants shine themselves in the best of light. Resumes indicate successes, job titles meant to impress, achievements and milestones. When asked, the reason for leaving is often veiled by answers such as desire to grow, explore new opportunities or just knowing it’s time. How do you know what's true... and what isn't?

Key Takeaways:

  • Gain insight into past work performance
  • Confirm qualifications before making a decision
  • Save your valuable time otherwise spent calling former employers

Employers find that over a third of applicants… generously embellish… their resume. Does your HR want to talk about it after the applicant’s hired or before?

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According to various surveys, employers report finding between 30% and 60% of resumes contain inaccuracies, whether intentional or accidental. 

Employment verifications provide insight into an applicant’s work history and their former employer’s opinion of the individual. 

Information like pay, dates of employment, job title and responsibilities can all impact the offer for employment when misrepresented. Consequently, any employer and industry can benefit from employment verifications as a pre-employment strategy. When running an employment verification on current employers, however, please keep in mind we are obliged to disclose the purpose of our call if asked. Therefore, it's important to only include a current employer in your order request when authorized by the applicant.

  • icon-Professional-and-Experienced-researchersProfessional & experienced researchers

  • icon-Dates -of-employment-salary-and-positionDates of employment, salary and position

  • icon-Reason-for-leavingReason for leaving

  • icon-Rehire-eligibility Rehire eligibility

  • icon-Additional-commentsAdditional information as provided by the former employer

  • icon-Compliant-questionnaireCompliant questionnaire

Additional services related to the Employment Verification include:

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Professional License & Certificate

Professional Reference

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