Fraud and Abuse Control Information System®* (FACIS)

FACIS® is the cornerstone for credentialing through its reliable primary source data aggregation, revealing sanction and disciplinary action on medical providers.

Medical institutions must not only confirm a medical professional is properly licensed, but verify that the license is without restriction, debarment or sanction. Failure to do so leaves you vulnerable to civil monetary penalty (CMP), inability to bill for services, allegations of neglectful hiring practices or misconduct as well as various other repercussions. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Certified by NCQA, accredited by URAC and meets JACHO compliance
  • Cornerstone of many credentialing standards
  • Access to over 2,000 sources through FACIS Level 3

Are you leveraging the best resources to identify debarment, exclusion and sanction of your personnel? Don't leave it to chance.

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This has set the standard for medical background screening!

Diligent employers rely on FACIS as part of their pre-employment credentialing and background screening as well as ongoing employment policy through Choice ReScreen.

Through FACIS, you gain access to data meeting primary source standards, certified by NCQA and supported by a fully accredited CVO by URAC. Maintaining JACHO compliance standards is simplified. Depending on your requirements, you can select from various level options as described below. At any level, you'll benefit from everything FACIS has to offer!

  • icon-Primary-Source-Verification-PSVPrimary Source Verification (PSV)

  • icon-Researcher-verifiedResearcher verified

  • icon-Sanction-debarment-and-restriction-detailsSanction, debarment and restriction details

  • icon-Relevant-datesRelevant dates

  • icon-case-statusCase status

  • icon-JurisdictionJurisdiction

As with all background screening services, proper vetting is essential to ensure you are using the right service to meet your needs. Our experienced and dedicated account executives will walk you through each level of service, giving you a clear and realistic picture of the value of each, helping you avoid unnecessary risk or paying for something you don’t need!

Generally accepted as the baseline search for exclusion and sanction screening, FACIS Level 1 provides federal exclusion, debarment and sanction data as listed in the OIG, GSA, SAM, FDA and several other federal exclusion sources. This search is especially helpful in retrieving the details necessary to identify parties excluded from participation with federal contracts and health care plans, impacting the ability of an organization to receive reimbursement among other penalties.
In addition to all the federal data sourced by FACIS Level 1, FACIS Level 1 M also includes information as provided by all 26 participating sates in the Medicaid Inspector General or that state’s office equivalent. This also includes any additional state-level debarment lists, Attorney General and Medicaid taskforce data. As identified by federal guidelines and some state regulation, FACIS Level 1 M meets minimal best practice standards for identifying restricted individuals; as such it is relied upon by most medical institutions.
FACIS Level 2 gives employers the ability to narrow search scope to a single state while maintaining access to all databases aggregated in FACIS Level 1. Background screens including this search will provide disciplinary and licensing board information for all professions published by the identified state, giving a more focused approach to your sanction and restriction background search.
FACIS Level 3 is the most comprehensive exclusion, sanction and debarment search available and has established itself as the Gold Standard for the medical industry. This search includes all federal data in FACIS Level 1 as well as all participating state data in FACIS Level 1 M from every publishing jurisdiction, licensing board and disciplinary list in the US. Although not all regulatory agencies participate in any list aggregation service, the FACIS Level 3 is the most complete and comprehensive search available, industry wide. Any identified gaps can easily be supplemented by specific medical registry searches to ensure your organization meets all regulatory compliance standards and mitigates risk to the very best of your ability.

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