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For ongoing employment background checks

What have your employees been up to lately?

Employers tend to have a formal, almost rhythmic process, for hiring new employees...

Conduct and interview or two, get a consent form signed, run a background screen, complete hiring paperwork, Form I-9 ComplyTM and E-Verify, onboard, train and watch your new employee grow.

Most information about an applicant turned employee doesn’t change after they’re hired… except for key parts of the background screen. After the first day of work, an employee can commit a crime, lie about a masters degree, get a DUI or engage in other activity that would disqualify them from continued employment, promotion or transfer.


In 2014, New York City let go 8% of their current Pre-K employees following a post-hire background check. If a school found that much, what could you be missing?

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Choice ReScreen is a post-hire background screening service that helps you gain powerful insight after the initial job offer.

Although some information from your original background screen will not change, such as a past employment verification, other information may. This could put other employees, patrons and your business at risk.

With Choice ReScreen, you can...

  • icon-maintain-driver-complainceMaintain Driver Compliance

  • icon-Adhere-to-medical-credentialing-requirementsAdhere to medical credentialing requirements

  • icon-Ensure-a-safe-working-environmentEnsure a safe working environment

  • icon-verify-newly-earned-credentialsVerify newly earned credentials before a promotion or transfer

  • icon-robust-and-transparent-employment-policyEstablish a more robust and transparent employment policy

  • icon-random-or-intermittent-rescreen-of-current-employeesPerform intermittent or random ReScreen of current employees

Employers run pre-employment background checks because they understand the risk of a negligent hire and are seeking to verify an applicant's qualifications. Required post-hire screening, such as regulations from DOT and JACHO, exist because they know what was clean or valid on day one may not remain so in the weeks, months and years to follow.

Through a carefully selected package of services, you will quickly and easily ReScreen your current employees based on your requirements for ongoing employment, promotions or transfers - customized based on your employment requirements and your specifications.

Services included in Choice ReScreen may include:

County Civil

County Criminal

Sex Offender Registry

Verified Enhanced National Criminal

Motor Vehicle Records

Education Verification

License Verification

Medical Registry



Drug and Alcohol Test**

Credit Report

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*FACIS® is a licensed trademark of Verisys Corporation
**Including reasonable suspicion and post accident

Running a comprehensive post-hire background check doesn't have to break the bank if you run the right products for the right purpose! Want to learn more?

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