National Sex Offender Registry

The National Sex Offender Registry uncovers crimes that require sex offender registration resulting from sexual misconduct against adults and children.

In support of your organization’s commitment to maintain a safe environment for customers and employees, this search provides access to all 50 states, Washington DC and Guam Sex Offender and Sexual Predator lists. Especially appropriate for those working with vulnerable populations, a comprehensive search of sex offender registries is essential and often an industry requirement.

Key Takeaways:

  • Comprehensive, nationwide search
  • Reliable results
  • Protection for vulnerable populations

Most employers say a violent felony would influence their decision for employment. Are you confident you know your applicant?

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What are you doing to protect vulnerable populations? 

Use of the National Sex Offender Registry is a growing trend among non-regulated and private organizations, such after school programs and youth sports leagues, who have independently implemented background screening as a safeguard against placing individuals in harms way. 

Many schools now require applicants for both teaching and non-teaching positions to be cleared through the registry, in addition to nursing homes, medical professions, daycare centers and youth organizations.

Keep in mind, conduct that doesn't land an applicant on the registry could still influence your hiring decision. For this reason, the National Sex Offender Registry is most comprehensive when paired with county criminal searches. Access to the registry is included in the Verified National Criminal and Verified Enhanced National Criminal, although your industry regulator may require this as a stand-alone product.

  • icon-nationwide-reportingReported to by all 50 states, Washington DC and Guam

  • icon-Type-of-offenseType of offense

  • icon-Offense-levelOffense level

  • icon-Offense-dateOffense date

  • icon-Registry-violation(s)Registry violation(s)

  • icon-case-status.pngCase Status


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