US Federal Criminal Record Search

The US Federal Criminal Record Search includes access to all 94 federal courts in the US to uncover violations of federal criminal law.

Not all criminal cases are heard, and therefore available, in the county courts. Crimes that involve federal law, crimes that cross state lines and those committed on federal property are heard in federal court. In some cases, where both federal and county courts have jurisdiction, the involved parties may choose whether a case is heard in county or federal court. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Search all 94 US Federal Courts
  • Reveal crimes not filed at the county
  • Further expand your criminal record search

Cases heard in Federal Court are not in county court records. Are you finding all the records you need?

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With little exception, federal crimes tend to be more serious and carry heavier penalties than a typical criminal conviction.

Because of this, including a federal criminal search when criminal history is especially sensitive to a position is a background screening best practice, including executive screening.

Rather than limiting the search only to jurisdictions where your applicant has resided, our US Federal Criminal researchers review records throughout the United States and individually verify each case before reporting. In doing so, you receive the broadest and most accurate results available.

US Federal Criminal Record Searches provide another layer of scrutiny to your employment background screening program and help to further eliminate the risk of missing crimes that were not filed with the county courts.

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