SSN Verification & Address History

The Social Security Number Verification and Address History is a useful tool to verify an applicant’s identity, uncover address history and alias names.

This service confirms the primary name and date of birth associated with a Social Security Number (SSN), verifies the issue date and location when available, as well as verifies the number with the Death Master Index. Using a variety of resources and databases, addresses and alias names associated with this SSN are also provided. This can be used as a basis for a more extensive criminal background check by identifying jurisdictions for a criminal or civil record search.

Key Takeaways:

  • Verify an applicant’s SSN, name and date of birth
  • Retrieve address history and alias names for use in more extensive searches
  • Primary source and third party database access for a broader scope of results

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Commonly used as a foundation for background screening, the SSN Verification helps employers confirm the most basic information provided by an applicant – their identity.

Once you've confirmed your applicant's identity, you're well positioned to drive the rest of your background check!

Although the SSN Verification cannot be used exclusively as the basis for a hiring decision or to determine employment eligibility (see Choice Screening Form I-9 ComplyTM for additional information on employment eligibility), this is one of the most frequently employed tools when initiating a background screen.

For clients who expect the highest level of convenience and efficiency, our researchers can use the SSN Verification and Address History to automatically search jurisdictions belonging to your applicant for the 7 Year Misdemeanor & Felony Search.

Until June of 2011, an SSN was assigned using a sequence of numbers to indicate the approximate year of issuance as well as the state where the number was issued. Since this date, an SSN is randomly assigned without state or year association. As a result, information provided in an SSN Verification may vary by applicant.

  • icon-Name-+SSN-match-verificationVerify Name + SSN match

  • icon-VerifyDOB-+-SSN-matchVerify DOB + SSN match

  • icon-death-master-indexDeath Master Index

  • icon-Issuing-jurisdiction-when-availableIssuing jurisdiction (when available)

  • icon-Approximate-year-of-issuanceApproximate year of issuance (when available)

  • icon-Address-history-listAddress history list

  • icon-Alias-namesAlias names


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