International Criminal Record Search

Criminal record research is not just restricted to the US and US Territories. The International Criminal Record Search provides insight into criminal activity outside the United States.

With increased mobility throughout the world, many organizations experience applicants who have lived abroad - from China to the United Kingdom, from the Middle East to Central America. International Criminal Record searches allow employers to search virtually any country and verify a criminal record.

Key Takeaways:

  • Worldwide access to criminal records
  • Eliminate potential gaps in criminal past
  • Growing international adoption and support abroad

Most employers say a violent felony would influence their decision for employment. Are you confident you know your applicant?

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As adoption of criminal record searches in conjunction with employment grows through the world, domestic relationships have a diminishing consequences on successful international searches.

Our skilled researchers are familiar with country and territory requirements as well as the challenges, enabling them to obtain and verify records for thorough and accurate results.

International criminal records frequently mirror domestic county criminal searches, which typically include offense, associated dates, court finding and sentencing details. Employers regularly hiring applicants who have lived abroad and those who occasionally encounter international address history will benefit from the International Criminal Record Search, the same as a domestic county or statewide search.

  • icon-Verified-prior-to-reportingVerified prior to reporting

  • icon-Offense-description-and-levelOffense description and level

  • icon-DispositionDisposition

  • icon-Sentencing-DetailsSentencing details (when convicted)

  • icon-Related-datesRelated dates


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