Education Verification

Education verifications confirm that a degree or diploma was issued by a school, when, and under what discipline.

High School and G.E.D., undergrad, associate and graduate programs as well as doctorate programs can be verified with confidence and reliability through this service.   

Key Takeaways:

  • Confirm qualifications for employment
  • Avoid negligent hiring from falsified documents or resume credentials
  • Identify misrepresentations before making a decision  

Employers find that over a third of applicants… generously embellish… their resume. Does your HR want to talk about it after the applicant’s hired or before?

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In 2002, the public was made aware that the CEO of Bausch & Lomb lied on his resume. 

He claimed he graduating from N.Y.U. with an MBA, when in fact he only attended the school and did not earn his degree. 

Could your company survive the embarrassment and expense of reputation recovery when a background check could have uncovered the fraud? Degree and diploma fraud can happen at all levels within an organization, from entry level through top executive. Being presented with a professional license, such as a medical license, does not ensure the required education was complete.

Resume verifications are important throughout the term of employment. Confirming a degree was in fact earned is essential any time education has influence on employment, such as a position qualification or requirement or when an employee is eligible for higher salary and promotion.

  • icon-type-of-degree-or-diploma-earnedType of degree or diploma earned

  • icon-course-of-studyCourse of study

  • icon-Awarded-dateAwarded date

  • icon-Dates-of-attendanceDates of attendance

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From entry-level to executive background checks, an education verification is essential in verifying a candidate's qualifications. Want to learn more? 

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