Professional License & Certificate Verification

Verifying a professional license or certificate protects your business and your reputation.

Most importantly, it protects anyone your business serves: consumers, customers, clients and partners. Just because an applicant or employee claims to have a valid license, doesn’t mean it is free of restriction, active or even real. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Reduce unnecessary risk to your business, patients and patrons
  • Confirm qualifications of your applicants
  • Ensure an active valid license throughout employment

Employers find that over a third of applicants… generously embellish… their resume. Does your HR want to talk about it after the applicant’s hired or before?

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Graduation does not necessarily mean an applicant is licensed.

With a professional license verification, employers can ensure their prospective employees have earned and maintained a valid license free of restriction.

Many employers also use license and certificate verifications as part of Choice ReScreen to annually verify current employee’s licenses or in conjunction with education verifications during pre-employment background screening.

  • icon-License-StatusLicense status

  • icon-Reported-restrictionsReported restrictions

  • icon-Issue-dateIssue date

  • icon-Expire-dateExpire date

  • icon-Primary-source-verified-whenever-possiblePrimary source verified whenever possible

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