7 Year Misdemeanor & Felony Search

The majority of crimes are committed close to one’s home.

That’s why employers will search for past criminal activity based the jurisdictions provided in an applicant’s address history. Our 7 Year Misdemeanor and Felony Search is your reliable, comprehensive and focused criminal record search!

Key Takeaways:

  • The standard for a comprehensive criminal background check
  • Direct access courthouse record search
  • Focused specifically on the applicant’s jurisdictions of residence

Most employers say a violent felony would influence their decision for employment. Are you confident you know your applicant?

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The 7 Year Misdemeanor and Felony Search is a comprehensive and reliable approach to any criminal background and could be argued that it is the standard for background checks.

Address History from a verified source such as the SSN Trace or Verification is used to determine which jurisdictions will be searched, our researchers will directly access county and/or state court records to find and verify criminal history, searching for misdemeanor and felony activity.

This is definitively our most popular service. Nearly every client, from the various industries we serve, relies on this service for a well-rounded picture of each applicant. The 7 Year Misdemeanor and Felony Search is an applicable service for positions throughout an organization from entry level to executive.

  • Jurisdiction-Based-on-ResidenceJurisdiction Based on Residence

  • icon-Direct-Court-Record-AccessDirect Court Record Access

  • icon-specially-trained-researchersSpecially Trained Researchers

  • icon-ComprehensiveComprehensive

  • icon-Verified-Before-ReportingVerified Before Reporting

  • icon-Charges-and-SeverityCharges & Severity

  • icon-Case-StatusCase Status

  • icon-DispositionDisposition

  • icon-Sentencing-DetailsSentencing Details (when convicted)

  • icon-IdentifiersIdentifiers


How comprehensive is your background report? Know who you're hiring with a professional background check!

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