Verified Enhanced National Criminal Search

Combine SSN validation, address history, alias name search, over 1,000 sources and 800 million criminal records and what do you get? The Verified Enhanced National Criminal Search.

Using integrated SSN validation, this search produces an applicant’s address history in addition to accessing all the resources of the Verified National Criminal Record Search for the applicant’s primary name as well as alias names - by far our most powerful and broad-scoped search available.

Key Takeaways:

  • All the power of the Verified National Criminal Record Search 
  • Includes criminal records for alias names – all verified directly at the source
  • Access to over 1,000 sources & more than 800 million records

Most employers say a violent felony would influence their decision for employment. Are you confident you know your applicant?

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When the scope of a nationwide criminal record search is expanded to include alias names, the chances of finding criminal activity outside an applicant’s geographical residence is significantly increased.

All records are also verified directly at the source before reporting – confirming you only receive a legally reportable record that is updated and complete according to currently available public records.

By accessing information from over a thousand sources including county courthouse and Department of Correction Records (DOC), Administrative Office of Courts (AOC), and a variety of national and international lists, this search certainly casts a wide net. Over half a million criminal records have been collected from these sources to date and new records are added daily.

In addition to these, you'll also uncover criminal records from: OFAC Terrorist Database, FBI, DEA & ATF Most Wanted, US Marshals Most Wanted, Customs Most Wanted, US Secret Service Most Wanted, Medical exclusion & debarment including FDA, OIG, OCC and GSA as well as 50+ sex offender registries.

  • icon-Researcher-VerifiedResearcher verified

  • icon-Search-alias-namesSearches alias names

  • icon-charges-and-severityCharges & severity

  • icon-case-statusCase status

  • icon-dispositionDisposition

  • icon-sentencing-detailsSentencing details (when convicted)

  • icon-IdentifiersIdentifiers


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