Motor Vehicle Records

Help keep our roads safe... one report at a time!

Motor Vehicle Records help employers ensure their drivers are licensed without restriction and are free from citations and violations that could pose a risk to others while on the open road. Through Choice Screening’s direct access to Department of Motor Vehicle records across the country, employers gain valuable insight into an individual’s driving history. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Primary source data pulled directly from DMV
  • Instant reports available throughout most of the US
  • Protect other drivers and your company’s reputation

An on-the-job crash that results in injury averages $74,000 cost to the employer, according to NHTSA and OSHA. How safe are your drivers?

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Direct DMV access gives you the most updated and complete information possible - fast!

Speeding violations, numerous tickets, license restrictions, and alcohol and substance driving violations are all filed with the DMV; knowledge of which protects your company, your reputation, and other drivers.

Drivers are not limited to people who drive for a living, like trucking and delivery. Any employee who may “drive for work” is a candidate for an MVR. Many employers require a satisfactory MVR before gaining access to company vehicles or mileage reimbursement. And, annual MVR verification as part of Choice ReScreen is a practical approach to maintaining safe drivers throughout the term of employment!

  • icon-3-or-7-year-history-in-most-states3 or 7 year driving history in most states

  • icon-Direct-DMV-interfaceDirect DMV interface

  • icon-Driving-RestrictionsDriving Restrictions

  • icon-License-statusLicense status

  • icon-Moving-violations-and-citation-historyMoving violations and citation history

  • icon-Criminal-driving-violationsCriminal driving violations

  • icon-Accident-historyAccident history


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