Rental History

A Rental History verification helps property managers and landlords get to know prospective tenants based on feedback directly from former landlords.

Finding the right individual or family is a game of chance without proper tenant background screening. This includes a thorough verification of prior rental history, gaining valuable insight into lease terms, violations and a former landlord’s experience with this tenant.

Key Takeaways:

  • Verify lease term, payment history and unit price

  • Gain first-hand insight of this individual as a former tenant

  • Mitigate risk of late payment, property damage and contract violations

How do you better predict if a tenant will take care of your property and pay rent on time? We'll tell you about it!

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Don't sacrifice your property to a risky tenant!

Reveal what a would-be renter is like in real life. Uncover discrepancies in lease dates... was a residence intentionally omitted?

Our researchers will contact former property owners and verify the information provided on the application, such as length at that address, various lease terms and payment history. In addition, rental history verifications provide insight beyond financials, asking about the individual as a tenant and neighbor.

Tenant screening is easier when you use a comprehensive background check to verify an applicant’s previous rental experience. When used in conjunction with an SSN Verification and Address History as well as Credit Report, property managers can identify potential missing residence history and other risk factors.

  • icon-Lease-term-verificationLease term verification

  • icon-Rental-payment-historyRental payment history

  • icon-Tenant-experience-verificationTenant experience verification

  • icon-Fast-turnaroundFast turnaround


Confirm your prospective tenant's rental history before you let them sign the lease! Want to learn more?

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