Volunteer Background Screening

It’s probably fair to say that the majority of non-profit personnel are volunteers...

They’re the people who help you survive and effectively serve your niche. Unless required by law, background screening is often overlooked as an extra expense. Let’s face it; part of your success is attributed to controlling administrative overhead.

Choice Self-Pay is an effective solution for non-profits to access compliant and comprehensive background screening without the expense.

This service operates similar to a normal employer-paid background screen by starting with a compliant consent form, except the volunteer pays for the background screen through a secure payment portal. The background report is available to you as the prospective employer. 

Remember, volunteers can be just as damaging to an organization as a traditional employee, posing risk to those served as well as the organization itself. Through Choice Self-Pay, non-profits are able to control administrative expense and maintain a rigorous background screening policy as part of their volunteer program.