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Background Screening Current Employees

By: Vanessa Mitchell Tuesday, 31 March 2020

shutterstock_212991865You may already be an expert on pre-employment background screening, but it is time to consider background screening current employees. By re-screening your employees you may discover bad behavior, document good behavior, verify new credentials, and more! Now is the time to establish a program to screen existing employees. Choice ReScreen will assist you with successful implementation all while remaining compliant.


Why ReScreen?

  1. Mitigate employee fraud and abuse: 7% of annual revenues are lost to theft or fraud according to Statistic Brain.
  2. Protect employees, customers, & company reputation: 2 million employees are victims to workplace violence each year according to OSHA.
  3. Verify recently obtained credentials prior to promotion: Educational attainment links to higher income according to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.


Re-Screening Basics

When considering a ReScreen, look at what wouldn’t change from their pre-employment check. Save your money and strike those from the list. Then, consider what could have changed: criminal records, professional license status, and MVR records.

A Verified Enhanced National Criminal Search will give you a good, broad picture of possible activity without much expense. County criminal searches could include the current county of residence in addition to the county where they work.


Random and Periodic Re-Screening

Who you ReScreen can either be random or at specified tenure intervals; just make sure you are consistent. A yearly rescreen recurring at a convenient time for your organization, or randomly are both good options. Based on your industry and need, your Sales Advisor can walk you through some options.


Promotion and Transfer

A convenient time to ReScreen is when your employee is vying for a promotion, transfer, or salary increase.

Many professionals go back for a higher-level degree, certificate or license during employment. This is the perfect time to confirm all requirements have been satisfied.

Consider criminal and MVR records as well as during promotion. You can customize packages for different organizational levels, or use the same package across the board. Just keep it consistent and simple.


Catch-up Screening

Many companies implement a background screening program after the first batch of employees has been hired. Whether you’re a new client or have been with us for a while, if you haven’t screened your existing employees, there could be job-disqualifying information out there.


Keys to a Successful Implementation

The underlying theme here is consistency and compliance! Work with your Sales Advisor to simplify the process so your team remains consistent and efficient. Also, communicate the policy in a clear and positive way that makes sense to your employees.

Changing your consent form to include language authorizing you to run a background check at any time throughout the course of employment will ease the paperwork burden and streamlines your process. Choice Screening’s Online Consent Form can do just that!


Choice Screening can help you develop a complete background screening program including Choice ReScreen. Contact your Choice Screening Sales Advisor.

This blog is not all-inclusive. We cannot act as your attorney, so make sure you’re consulting with a qualified employment attorney.

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