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Civil Background Checks

By: Vanessa Mitchell Tuesday, 22 September 2020

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What is a Civil Background Check?

A Civil Records Search investigates county civil records for cases tried on your candidate. A civil case is a non-criminal lawsuit between two individuals usually regarding contracts, money, or property disputes. Depending on your company’s needs and local allowances, a civil records search may help fill in the gaps for executive and management positions.


What Information is in a Civil Background Check?

A civil record or document is information maintained by federal or state courts related to a civil case. There are two types of civil records searches we offer:

County Civil Record Search reports information from local or state courts such as accidents, injuries, nonpayment, rights, discrimination, contract disputes, and more.

Federal Civil Record Search reports information directly from the U.S. District Court (any case concerning government municipalities.)


Why Run a Civil Background Check?

Pre-employment background checks tend to focus on criminal records, drug testing, and verifications, where civil searches are often overlooked and underutilized. The valuable information discovered in a civil record search delivers further understanding into your applicant’s background. We recommend running a civil record search for management, executives, and c-suite level candidates, as well as any employee with financial duties.

In combination with a comprehensive criminal background check, a civil search will give you a better perception of your candidate allowing you to make an informed decision.

Interested in adding this valuable search to your executive screening package? Contact us to get started!


As part of any good hiring strategy, partner with a background screening provider you can trust, stay informed, and do not forget to consult legal counsel. Please note: this blog is not all-encompassing and not meant to provide legal advice.

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