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5 Tips: Better Background Screen Results

By: Celeste Ricco Monday, 13 October 2014


As an end user, you have a lot of impact when it comes to getting a background screen request off to a good start, trickling down to results, turnaround and getting the most out of every report.  Here are our top 5 ways to get better results requiring almost no change in your current process. 

When you were shopping for a background screening company, you probably noticed differences in procedure, products and technology in addition to integrity, reliability and dedication to education and support.  (BTW - We’re glad you saw Choice Screening stand out from the pack!)  Who you partner with matters and we want to exceed your expectations every time… but we still need your help!  

It’s important to communicate the power that lies in the hands of you, our current and future clients.  We wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t tell you about it!


Here are 5 ways to get better background screen results, focused on expanding what you already do so there’s almost nothing you need to really change:

  1. Enter as much information as you can on every applicant – and make sure it’s 100% correct! Think: “technology is only as smart as its user.”  The same goes for background reports: “We are only as smart as the information we have!”  The more info we have, the better reports we can provide.  This goes for full names, typos, current addresses, school or company names – everything that is entered for us to use in our research (and omitted…) can make a difference.

  2. Upload a consent form every time.  Not only can you keep everything in one place, but we can use the consent form as needed in our research, and readily provide it when requested without delay!  Now, if you use our online consent form – you’re really going to save time and energy!

  3. Maintain your background screening product knowledge.  We know that over time, specifics about your background screening services can get lost in the mix.  Rely on us to give you the answers you need so you know what you’re running, why and what results you can expect.  Background screening is as much of an investment as the personnel we’re researching – we want you to be knowledgeable and confident that you’re getting every penny’s worth!

  4. Remember every search is different.  From databases being down, to court clerks, to manual file searches for John Smith (common) versus Apple Paltrow (uncommon… or is it Zucchini?  I can’t remember). And from seasonal staffing, to weather events and squirrels crawling across power grids in Cleveland shutting off power to the Midwest and Canada (what the news originally reported was much better than what actually happened - a tree hitting a line), there is so much that can impact every search from the predictable to the absurd.  Familiarity with your services is the first step; next is knowing what can affect the search. 

  5. Put us on your update list when contact information or someone new joins your team.  New phone numbers and new email domains – the impact on quick communication goes without saying.  But, don’t forget to let us know if you have someone new on your team as well.  In addition to a sparkly new user name and password, we are happy to provide demos and product information to help bring them up to speed!


We can’t say it enough – we want you to give you the best results, the best service, the best experience, every time!  Our reputation is directly tied to every quality report we provide.  In addition to complying with regulation and laws, following the above tips will not just improve your results, but improve your efficiency and confidence with your overall background screening services.


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