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5 Reasons Why Employers Should Conduct Background Checks

By: Vanessa Mitchell Tuesday, 28 January 2020


5 Reasons To Background Check 1-28-20


Nearly 96% of all employers as stated in this PBSA survey acknowledged their organization conducts employment background screening. Which is great! These organizations understand the importance of background screening and the impact they have. But what about the 4% of employers not performing employment background screening? Which is why, we have come up with 5 substantial reasons why every employer should perform a background screen on employees and applicants…


1. Keep your workplace and employees safe

There are numerous stories out there regarding predators in the workplace. Take this instance on how a comprehensive background check could have prevented damage to this company and their employees.

Bankruptcy. Fraud. Insider Trading. What could be lurking in your employee’s past? Check out this blog on White Collar Crime and the Federal Criminal Search.


2. Avoid negligent hiring liability

Negligent hiring is a claim made against the employer by an injured party. The injured party claims the employer should have know the individual’s history. See this example where a jury awarded a $1,000,000 verdict. To avoid negligent hiring, you should perform a comprehensive background check, be consistent, and look for red flags.


3. Increase new hire quality

Uncover intangibles not found on the resume through a personal or professional reference. Confirm education and licenses to ensure the candidate is qualified. Find employees with a good track record of longevity. These strategies will help your search for quality candidates.


4. Reduce losses

You may feel that it is a waste of money to background screen potential candidates and current employees, but just think of the money you will save in potential litigation. Something else to consider is an employee/candidate that has access to money and a criminal record of theft poses a potential substantial threat to your bottom line.


5. Avoid negative publicity

Bad publicity can have a damaging impact on your company. Most workers would not apply to a company with negative press. Maintaining a good reputation starts with the people you hire that inevitably represent your company and brand.


Why Background Screen?

Making a decision based on the results of a quality and reliable background check can have significant impacts on any business. Background checks are an integral part of any screening process. Making informed decisions doesn’t happen by chance. Fill the gaps between the resume, interview, and applicant’s history through background screening.


Why Choice Screening?

Between navigating FCRA regulation, uncovering the fastest way to reach reliable and complete records, and dedication to ongoing education and training, Choice Screening exceeds industry standards. Professional background checks require experience, thorough regulatory knowledge, and understanding what our clients need. Are you ready to leverage Choice Screening’s expertise?


This blog is not all-inclusive. We cannot act as your attorney, so make sure you’re consulting with a qualified employment attorney.

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