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How to Dispute a Background Check [INFOGRAPHIC]

By: Celeste Ricco Tuesday, 28 June 2016


When your applicant tells you something is wrong on their background report, what should you do?

Disputes typically occur during the adverse action phase of background screening, although any time something is found to be incorrect, a dispute can be submitted.

The FCRA explicitly states the right of an applicant to dispute information on a background check that they identify as inaccurate (out of date, doesn’t belong to them, etc.). If your applicant says something is wrong, you can direct them to submit a dispute online, call us (877-929-7878), or email us at customerservice@choicescreening.com.

The MOST IMPORTANT thing you should do is to let them submit a dispute – even if it didn’t impact your hiring decision or you think the report is correct. Let our researchers verify the information. 


Check out this infographic outlining the dispute process and rules to keep you complaint.




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