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Pay Transparency Laws Gaining Momentum

By: Vanessa Mitchell Tuesday, 14 February 2023


Effective January 1, 2023, California State Bill 162 amends Labor Code Section 432.2 which now requires pay scale to be advertised in all job postings. In other words, salary ranges are now required on all job postings for jobs in the state of California with 15 or more employees and this includes all third party job postings as well. Previously, since 2018 California employers were required to disclose the pay range upon request. California finds itself among one the first of several jurisdictions that require pay transparency. Colorado State, Ithaca, Jersey City, New York City, and Westchester County are also pioneers in this important topic. Pay transparency is gaining momentum as an attempt to mitigate wage disparities.


Jurisdiction-Specific Pay Transparency Laws

California Labor Code Section 432.3

Colorado Equal Pay for Equal Work Act

City of Ithaca Pay Transparency Law

Jersey City Ordinance Amending Chapter 148 to Include a Pay Transparency Regulation

New York State Bill Number S9427A

NYC Salary Transparency in Job Advertisements

Westchester County Salary Range Posting Requirement


Jurisdictions Which Require Pay Disclosure Upon Request

City of Cincinnati Ordinance No 83-2019

Connecticut House Bill No. 6380 Public Act No. 21-30

Maryland Equal Pay for Equal Work

Nevada Senate Bill No. 293

Rhode Island General Laws 28-6-18

Toledo, OH Pay Equity Act

Washington Senate Bill 5761 Wage & Salary Information – Applicants for Employment


Jurisdictions With Forthcoming Pay Transparency Laws

Massachusetts Bill H.1950 An Act Relative to Wage Transparency

South Carolina Act to Establish Pay Equity


This blog is informative and not meant to provide legal advice. Please consult with legal counsel and review internal policies regarding job postings and descriptions.

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