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New NYC Workers’ Rights Poster

By: Vanessa Mitchell Tuesday, 18 June 2024

July 1st is the deadline for New York City employers to post and distribute the “Know Your Rights at Work” notice. The new notice is required in addition to the “You Have a Right to Temporary Changes To Your Work Schedule”. It must be displayed in a conspicuous area in English and any primary language of at least 5% of employees. It must be distributed to current and new employees, as well as be available online. Hefty penalties and potential compensatory damages will be assessed to employers who fail to comply.

The notice has a QR Code that is linked to New York City’s Workers’ Bill of Rights webpage. This webpage was created by DCWP or The Department of Consumer and Worker Protection to notify workers’ of their City/State/Federal rights (regardless of immigration status).


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Vanessa Mitchell

Vanessa Mitchell

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