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Los Angeles City Council Revives Fair Chance Housing Motion

By: Vanessa Mitchell Tuesday, 4 June 2024

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What is the Fair Chance Housing Motion?

Fair Chance Housing if enacted, would bar landlords from considering a potential tenant’s criminal history when deciding to approve or deny housing. Formerly incarcerated individuals run into barriers when looking for housing and are more likely to end up homeless. The purpose of the motion is to help eliminate these barriers by restricting landlords ability to evaluate background screening during rental applications.


Motion History

The Los Angeles City Council’s Housing Committee received the motion on March 9, 2022. They received Community Impact Statements in the months following, but the motion inevitably expired March 9, 2023. Most recently in April, the motion has been revived.


Next Steps

The City Attorney and Housing Department have 45 days to draft an ordinance that prohibits landlords from inquiring into criminal history of an potential tenant.


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