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Why using a professional agency for pre-employment background screening is best practice

By: Choice Screening Saturday, 29 March 2014


By investigating an applicant’s history during the pre-employment background screening process, companies have the ability to gain insight into the candidates history, leading employers to make informed hiring decisions. Besides the impact a bad hire can have on operations and profits, failing to research new hires can be deemed negligence in court. These reasons and many more are why it is important for employers to depend on professional background screening agencies.

Increased Efficiency and Reduced Costs

The laws involving background screening are complex. To avoid costly lawsuits, employers must ensure that pre-employment background screening is carried out in a legal, mindful manner. Most companies simply don’t have the internal time and resources to develop and implement a legally legitimate, compliant, and comprehensive process for conducting background checks, not to mention keeping up with regulatory changes in a constantly evolving industry. Outsourcing background screening is a good way for companies to reduce costs and boost overall efficiency. Instead of researching the maze of employment screening laws, employees can focus on their own business issues.


Accurate Results

Besides reduced costs, achieving accurate results is another top motive for background screening outsourcing. With frequent changes and regulatory variances by state, job position and stage in the hiring process, just to name a few, it is essential to use the best resource possible when conducting your pre-employment screen. Professional providers of employment background checks are specialists in their field; they have more experience and better resources for carrying out legal, effective investigations.


Legal Protection

Paying exorbitant legal fees and court-awarded damages is often more than enough to send a business into bankruptcy. With negligent hiring settlements averaging $1 million and employers loosing over 75% of filed claims, many companies choose to trust their employment background screening to third party agencies because it reduces liability when compared to in-house background checks.


Applicant Privacy

Partnering with a third-party background check provider sends the message that all applicants are recieving equal treatment. If a company conducts employment background screening in-house, employees may suspect that some of their co-workers pried into their background, eroding trust and potentially discouraging a stellar candidate.


Fewer Hiring and Legal Mistakes

The intricate nature of the laws surrounding employment background checks makes it difficult for anyone except experts to get this process right. Hiring a third-party employment background screening company generally results in fewer hiring and legal errors. Knowing permissible questions in an employment verification as well as state-to-state variances in what can be considered from a criminal background are essential to ensure, not only that the information is accurate, but is used appropriately according to best practices and the law.


Additional Service Offerings

Lastly, many background screening companies offer various services, such as facilitation of drug and alcohol testing, current employee maintenance screens and routine MVR checks and license verifications. Conversations about these products can impact your time, your bottom line, and improve consistency in your routine practices.

Overall, outsourcing employment background screening results in lowered costs, enhanced outcomes, and improved legal protection. For background screening and more, contact us at Choice Screening.

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