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Best hiring practices: The important role of background screening

By: Choice Screening Saturday, 15 March 2014


Performing background checks on employees should be an important aspect of any businesses hiring practice as it allows employers to ensure that their work force consists of quality individuals who are honest, hard working, and properly qualified for their position within the company. The rewards of conducting thorough background checks on employees are exponential as long as certain best practice guidelines are followed, saving any business substantial time, money, and effort. 

So what should all employers understand about conducting successful background checks on employees?

  • Always get an employee’s written permission to conduct the background check. A current or potential employee must complete and sign a legal consent form that informs them of their rights prior to any background checks being performed.
  • Don’t withhold information. Should any unsavory information be found while conducting background checks on employees, it is important to share and communicate the information to the person in question before making a solid judgment. This will allow them to dispute any possible mistakes.
  • Do consider a variety of factors when background screening employees. Considering all of the facts is the best way to make informed hiring decisions.
  • Don’t do it yourself. As an individual it is impossible to find all the background information online to make an informed hiring decision
  • Do hire a professional to conduct employee background screening. A professional agency comes equipped with all the necessary tools and processes to obtain the right information. They will also prevent running into any legal trouble that could come along with illegally viewing any confidential information.

The Bottom Line on Background Screening

Overall, keep in mind that any information that is revealed when performing background checks on employees is information about real individuals. Whether that information provides positive or negative signs about a candidate’s potential fit within an organization, be respectful and responsible about the way that information is handled. The information from an employment background check can impact a business, the people involved in it, and the reputation of both.

Choice Screening is a professional agency that implements quality processes to research and validate appropriate information when performing background checks on employees. Contact Choice Screening today for more information on best hiring practices.

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