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Do comprehensive background checks avoid negligent hiring?

By: Choice Screening Tuesday, 11 March 2014


One of the easiest and most effective ways a company can protect itself and its assets against loss of any type is to hire the right people using comprehensive background checks.

Most businesses have neither the expertise nor the time to check and verify the backgrounds of all the employee applicant information they receive. By failing to invest in performing even the most rudimentary background checks on a potential employee, employers are exposing themselves to liability for negligent hiring and, subsequently, for negligent retention.

Today's businesses cannot afford to take chances with their credibility, profit margins, or the safety of their staff by not investigating applicants. The costs of performing background checks should be considered a basic cost of doing business, not an optional or unnecessary expense. Hiring someone with a past that could potentially cause a negligent hiring suit can result in an organization’s liability, ultimately leading to a significant amount of financial damage.


What is negligent hiring?

Employers have an obligation to provide a safe work environment for their employees. But not everyone is aware of what negligent hiring is and the consequences that can stem from it. Negligent hiring occurs when an employer does not exercise ‘reasonable care’ in hiring a new employee. Increasingly, legal actions are resulting in judgments that find employers liable for negligent hiring situations when an employee was hired into a position without the proper background checks in place to verify that individual’s history.


How can I avoid negligent hiring?

Conducting proper background screening of employees makes it possible for an employer to make informed hiring decisions about applicants before they are brought into the workplace. This allows employers to be aware of who they’re hiring and to have all the important facts before making placement decisions within their company. Such basic practices give any business the ability to create safe and profitable work environments that are protected against unnecessary loss.

Utilizing the help of a licensed, reputable pre-employment screening firm should be the first step in making personnel hiring decisions. Choice Screening offers complete background checks, helping employers stay compliant with the law.

Choice Screening’s experience in background checks offers clients the benefit of comprehensive pre-employment screening solutions. An all-inclusive customer service support team provides businesses nationwide with all the data needed to protect against negligent hiring, allowing employers to consistently make the right hiring decisions.


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