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What is included in criminal background checks for pre-employment screening?

By: Choice Screening Tuesday, 25 February 2014


Many employers as a rule will conduct pre-employment screenings on job applicants. Throughout this process, the employer will investigate the applicant’s background in order to verify various aspects of the application as well as the accuracy of any claims made as well as any possible criminal history.

Common pre-employment screenings in a criminal background check will include:

  • Criminal history screening,
  • Social security number tracing,
  • Drug testing,
  • Sex offender registry screening, and
  • Supervisor and reference interviews, to name a few.

The thoroughness of the screening will in large part depend on the company that chooses to have the screening performed. While certain businesses may choose to conduct pre-employment screenings on their own, there are those companies who rely on external third party companies that specialize in criminal background checks and pre-employment screening.


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