Internal theft in the retail segment is on the rise and accounts for the majority of shrinkage year over year.

Retail shops are especially vulnerable due to easy access to money and goods, in-house accounting, high turnover, employees giving in to peer pressure, or the ability to manage a theft in progress.

One of the most effective ways an employer can reduce the impact of internal theft is through effective pre-employment background screening as well as promotion/transfer background screening.

The background checks used to support retail are as diverse as the industry itself. Learn more about the Choice Difference!

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Through reliable and comprehensive background screening services, employers gain insight into...

  • Past employment performance and responsibilities
  • Criminal history, including prior convictions of theft and fraud
  • Pending wants and warrants

And you can effectively...

  • Discourage applicants who are looking for easy opportunities
  • Decrease turnover by hiring qualified and reliable associates
  • Promote managers with a proven track record
  • Create a safe environment for employees and patrons

Choice Screening’s services have become a foundation for retailers across the US

  • Grocery & Food Service
  • Shopping & Merchandise
  • Warehouse & Supply
  • Contract Support
  • Small Business Retailers
  • Wholesalers & Distributors
  • Support Services, such as security and maintenance

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Verified Enhanced National Criminal

7 Year Misdemeanor and Felony

Employment Verification

Drug & Alcohol Testing


Adverse Action

Form I-9 ComplyTM & E-Verify


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