Real Estate

Successful real estate isn’t just about buying and selling...

It’s about building and sustaining relationships!

That’s why real estate agencies rely on a comprehensive background screen to ensure the agents they hire are qualified, licensed and have a professional and reliable work history. The better you know an agent before they meet with your clients, the more likely you will create a team who appropriately represent your agency.

And, many rely on Choice because we're focused on long term relationships, too. We are committed to providing the services you need, for all the positions you hire, and giving you unparalleled service along the way!

Professional Realtors help satisfy a basic human need – shelter. Not many industries can say the same. Learn why Choice Screening is a partner you can trust!

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Real Estate background screening must be reliable, thorough and move as fast, if not faster, than the market!

That's why you need services that will:

  • icon-pillar-integrityObtain reliable, primary source verifications 

    So you're always confident your Realtors are licensed, in good standing and have a proven track record
  • icon-pillar-serviceProvide a thorough background screen 

    That includes identity verification, criminal history, license and employment history and anything else you need
  • icon-pillar-strategicAllow you to run a check for all your employees 

    Because you hire real estate agents, but also office personnel, operation managers, maintenance and independent contractors
  • icon-pillar-partnershipHelp you meet compliance and industry standards

    You want an expert who provides education and support that exceeds your expectations

Real estate transactions – whether selling, buying, investment, industrial or otherwise – can be a smooth, pleasurable and exciting experience or a horrific nightmare with legal battles, uncertainty and tarnished reputations.

Frankly, every transaction has its own level of stress, hiccups and challenges. Real Estate is very much a “human” business where individuals often feel as though they are buying and selling a piece of themselves, not just a property. The transaction is likely to be the largest investment an individual will make - great Realtors know that! Background screening will help you identify those who represent the high standards you've set, and those who just put on a good show during the interview.