Municipalities & Government

Rural to urban, municipalities keep the water running, the parks fun, the lights on, the streets safe and drivable. You provide invaluable community services, job training and housing.

Municipalities allow us to live our modern lives so hiring the right employee for the job has extra importance. These departments are only as strong as their team as a whole and often operate under time constraints and limited budgets, which is why every hire need to be the right one! 

Background checks help hiring managers gain the knowledge they need to help fill positions that support their obligations to the neighborhoods they serve. With limited time and money, finding the right partner who can provide comprehensive and compliant services all within your budget and on schedule is a challenge in and of itself!

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Taking the time to understand your needs is what we do best!

We take the time to discuss the positions and layers you need to screen and will set up your account so it’s easy for all departments to run the right package for each position. Our resources and informative articles will help keep everyone up to date with industry trends, how to run better reports and get better results, as well as compliance and legislative news.

With Choice Screening, you know you have someone to call with questions, service you can rely on and information you can trust. 

Choice Screening works to simplify the hiring process.

We provide honest, upfront pricing, thorough consultative insight and recommend the right services to meet your needs – no more, no less. We help you make informed hiring decisions through a broad range of reliable services. We can customize packages specific to your hiring needs, too!


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