Finance & Accounting

Hiring employees with financial and accounting backgrounds is not limited to investment and accounting firms, banks and brokers.

Most businesses – large and small – employ some position that directly involves assets and finance, whether it be accounts payable and receivable, payroll and benefits, auditors, CPA’s, analysts, and fundraisers.

Proper employment background screening for these positions involves knowledge of the role responsibilities and the matching services, which will provide insight into risk factors specifically impacting this segment. Hiring the wrong person can leave a business especially vulnerable when it involves access to company or client funds and assets. Choice Screening is experienced in finding the right services to mitigate this risk, screening for both criminal and civil indiscretions. We're also skilled with verifying experience and education as well as a variety of professional licenses.

Choice Screening caters to those specializing in the financial sector and those directly hiring for internal financial and accounting positions, both of which must remain highly in tune with compliance and industry regulation.

You wouldn't hire someone to handle your assets without proper credentials, so don't leave your background screening to chance...

Appropriate background screening services vary by position and may be subject to industry regulation as well as local, state and federal law. For example, credit reports require permissible purpose under federal law - a position must be directly related to an individual’s credit history in order to be included in a background screen for employment. And, additional regulation and restriction exists in various regions throughout the country.

Services typically used in packages for financial and accounting positions may include:


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