Tenant Screening & Property Management

Landlords and property managers supply people with a home, a safe environment to spend their time, raise their families or enjoy their retirement.

In our home town of Denver, like other major cities, the rental market is booming! Rental properties are popping up all over the city and homeowners increasingly turn to renting instead of selling – even still, property managers are barely keeping up with demand! This often leaves landlords to consider multiple applications with every available unit. 

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a better idea of who is renting your property, to help avoid financial loss and potential liability?

A growing number of property managers require a background screen before signing an agreement. But, background checks that goes beyond skimming the surface may be allusive, leaving unknown vulnerabilities; relying on a tenant to provide their own background report opens the door to liability and risk to your property. When you finally find a reputable background screening service, unnecessary delays can cause you to lose a tenant to another property.

Learn more about your tenant before you sign the lease. Choice Screening can help!

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In this highly competitive market, you need someone you can trust for reliable information that is fast, keeps you compliant and on budget. Choice Screening provides reliable, comprehensive and compliant services to landlords and property managers, helping you make informed decisions in a timely manner.


Who's renting your property? Find out how a background check can make all the difference!

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