The hospitality industry creates memories.

You do this by employing a diverse spectrum of employees under one roof – the various spokes of the wheel.

The quality of each spoke has the ability to uplift or destroy another, directly impacting the success of a guest’s stay, the function of another unit and the integrity of the property.

From major national and international chains to small boutique hotels and B&B’s, finding the right employee for each role is a challenge. Meeting someone and seeing they have the personality and skill for the job is one step, but will they keep your guests safe? Do they put on a great show but have a pitiful work ethic? Are they actually capable of doing what they say they can do?

Background checks help you match instinct with information so you can make a sound hiring decision. Comprehensive background screening services cater to each of the unique positions you need to fill.


Your guests expect the best...

When guests arrive for an overnight stay, they expect friendly staff, a welcoming environment, a clean room and wonderful amenities!

Essentially, they are home… even if it’s just for the night!


Your team can make it happen!

Hiring the right team keeps your rooms clean and inviting. They make guests feel welcome, safe and well-attended. And, when a special experience is created for your guests it encourages repeat visits, 5-star reviews and referrals to friends and family! 

Reliable background checks at Choice Screening can help you make the sound, informed hiring decisions your business requires.

During a 4 year study, the Bureau of Justice Statistics found nearly 8,000 violent victimizations and 46,000 property victimizations occurred at lodging sites.

A comprehensive background screen can identify risk factors in prospective employees. You can select from a variety of services or have your Account Executive create a customized package specific to each position you hire.

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