Professional Employer Organization (PEO)

Professional Employer Organizations help employers who would otherwise struggle with cumbersome HR and benefits tasks effectively outsource these services.

Payroll, benefits, worker’s compensation and several other responsibilities are handled efficiently and professionally. Employers reduce their administrative burden so they can focus on growing their business, frequently reducing the cost of benefits and worker’s compensation insurance. But what about the administrative burden of the PEO? Can your background screening process be improved?

As a co-employer, shared responsibility includes shared risk. Negligent hiring and potential liability claims are a threat to the bottom line of both the employer and PEO. Because the PEO often manages recruitment and hiring, many rely on a comprehensive background screening program to make solid placement recommendations based on reliable information.


Let us focus on managing your background screens so you can focus on everything else!

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Quality of services varies greatly within the background screening industry.

A heavily discounted service isn’t worth a dime if it’s not providing the results you need or leaves huge unknown gaps. We know you need the peace of mind that your revenue stream is secure. 

We don't use just any product. All our services are vetted to meet our high quality standards at an affordable price. 

Choice Screening hits the balance between quality products at a competitive price.

As a result, you'll gain access to:

  • Our free online consent form

  • Easy to use ordering and reporting application

  • Adverse action compliance, and

  • Friendly support team

Background screening improves your ability to make an informed hiring decision.

This lets you turn qualified applicants into employees with confidence. The right mix of services makes all the difference. That’s why we work with you to customize packages to fit the needs of your clients.

SSN Verification & Address History

Criminal & Civil Records

Professional Verifications

Medical Sanctions & Registries

Motor Vehicle Records

Drug & Alcohol Testing

Form I-9 ComplyTM & E-Verify

Adverse Action


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