National Wants & Warrants

The National Wants and Warrants search reveals active and open warrants, simultaneously searching both US District and County Courts.

Warrants are often issued for individuals who have failed to appear in court or are in violation of parole or probation. These active cases may result from both convictions or pending criminal allegations. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Researcher verified nationwide active warrant search
  • Access both district and county court warrants
  • Close the gap for a more comprehensive background check

In New York alone, there are over 1 million outstanding warrants. When do you want to learn about your candidate?

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This search continues to prove its value to employers. 

Uncover an outstanding warrant due to unpaid speeding tickets while on vacation or failure to appear while on felony probation for assault and battery – the broad reach of this search helps fill in the gaps!

The National Wants & Warrants Record Search is a valuable expansion upon traditional background check services, such as the verified national and county criminal record searches. This broad-scoped search reveals open wants and warrants, which are verified by our experienced researchers before reporting. You'll know you have the most accurate and up to date information available. Keep in mind, this search only includes cases that have active warrants, so convictions or pending cases may not be identified by this search.

  • icon-charges-and-severityCharges & severity

  • icon-warrant-and-case-statusWarrant & case status

  • criminal-Violation-detailsViolation details

  • icon-Warrant-detailsWarrant details

  • icon-JurisdictionJurisdiction

  • icon-IdentifiersIdentifiers

  • icon-Researcher-verifiedResearcher verified


Did you know the average negligent hiring lawsuit costs roughly $1 million? Know who you're hiring with a professional background check!

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